DATE: July 6th 2014
TIME: 18:00
LOCATION: 2702 W Farmington Rd, Peoria, Illinois 61604
Analecta, Keyoung, Blackhole, New Heart, Drained, Up N at ‘EM 2014-07-06

Show is going to start at 6, so plz be on time to show your support for ALL THE BANDS!!! 5$ gets you in and its all going to the touring bands so please do not try and be cheap. Also I understand that some times money is low and that five bucks has to go to bills or eating. If you can not afford the show please hit me up ahead of time and we will work something out. Please do not take advantage of my kindness
Keyoung (feat analecta)
New Heart
Up N at ‘Em

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